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Frequently Asked Questions

- How can I look a word up in the dictionary?

-To look a word up in our Chinese-English dictionary, all you need is to enter your word either in Chinese, English or pinyin. Click "Look up". Unlike other online Chinese-English dictionaries, you don't have to select search field (English, pinyin or Chinese) : It's determined automatically.

- I want to suggest a new word to your dictionary. How can I do that?

- Our Chinese-English dictionary is a searchable interface for the CEDICT dictionary. Many online Chinese-English dictionaries are CEDICT-based. To add new words to the dictionary, click here.  

- What romanization systems are used in this Chinese-English dictionary?

- Hanyu Pinyin is the only romanization system used in this dictionary. Wade-Giles, Yale or another system won't work. According to Wikipedia : "Hanyu Pinyin was approved in 1958 and adopted in 1979 by the government in the People's Republic of China.It superseded older romanization systems such as Wade-Giles (1859; modified 1912) and Postal System Pinyin, and replaced zhuyin as the method of Chinese phonetic instruction in mainland China."

- I want to look this phrase up "I love Morocco" but no result is returned, why?

This Chinese-English dictionary contains only isolated words. It doesn't have phrases or idioms. Look up only single words.

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