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MP3 Chinese Lessons

Chinese MP3 Lessons for Newbies

These are podcasts from chinesepod.com listed here for easy reference. If you're brand new to Chinese, this level is for you. In the Newbie podcasts your hosts Ken and Jenny focus on the most useful phrases for practical situations. The lessons are mainly in English, and when Jenny introduces Chinese words she speaks slowly and clearly. The dialogues are repeated three times, and Ken provides the linguistic insights a learner needs. Newbie is the best place to start whether you aim to master the language or just want a few phrases under your belt for a trip to China. DownloadNewbie MP3s

Chinese MP3 Lessons for Elementary Speakers

These are podcasts from chinesepod.com listed here for easy reference. Once you're no longer a Newbie, you're ready for Elementary level's longer utterances, elements of grammar, and a wider range of everyday applications for your Chinese. Hosts Ken and Jenny give a thorough treatment of lesson content, including individual tones. More Chinese is used than in Newbie, but Jenny's speed remains slow enough to be accessible. Repeating the dialogues three times eases the listener into familiarity with the podcast content. DownloadElementary MP3s

Chinese MP3 Lessons for Intermediate Speakers

These are podcasts from chinesepod.com listed here for easy reference. As an Intermediate learner you can follow a Chinese conversation, but still want to work on broadening vocabulary and picking up more key patterns. Jenny and John host these lessons, and Jenny speaks almost entirely in Chinese. John offers key explanations in English. Intermediate podcasts help learners take their abilities to the next level. DownloadIntermediate MP3s

Chinese MP3 Lessons for Upper-Intermediate Speakers

At the Upper Intermediate stage your Chinese is quite functional, but you're still pushing for more specialized vocabulary and ways to sophisticate your language. Hosts Jenny and John guide learners through a variety of higher level topics, speaking mainly in Chinese but shifting back to English for the occasional difficult vocabulary item. DownloadUpper-Intermediate MP3s

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