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QQ Instant Messenger Download

December 30th, 2010

QQ is the name of an Instant Messenger program very popular in China. It has over 500 million members, which is almost twice the population of the United States. Most people in China use QQ for instant messaging. QQ also has other features like file transfers and a translator which enables chatting with people in different languages. I downloaded the installation program after waiting a long time for the QQ home page to load and thought I should post the direct QQ download link below.

QQ Download (International v1.0)

After downloading and installing the program, you can sign-up for your QQ number, which is a 10-digit number used to sign into the program.


QQ是一个即时聊天工具在中国很流行的名字。它拥有500万会员,这几乎是两倍于美国的人口。在中国大多数人使用即时通信工具QQ。 QQ也有像文件传输和转换,能够与不同语言的人们聊天等多种功能。我下载的等待之后,为QQ主页长的时间来加载安装程序,我想我应该下载后直接QQ号下面的链接。

QQ Download (International v1.0)


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